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Hey, I'm Nia!

I have been a serial entrepreneur since 2006, at the ripe age of 14. My first successful launch as a businesswoman however, came 10 years later, in 2016, with Tipsy Topics & Textures. I am a natural born creator, so the goal was to form a business around my passion for art. 

Being a struggling, single mom of 2 at the time, I moved to Atlanta … HUNGRY!! I worked a part time job at a cellphone store while focusing on pouring into my new business venture. Over the years, I was determined to learn every way possible to market & network. The knowledge alone has helped me build my self esteem, confidence and focus and, oddly enough, the result of this success has even helped me to be more present with my children. 

I am so excited to share my path with you all because I’ve run into too many successful people that have denied access to their secrets and I take that personally, knowing how unlimited money is. It’s selfish, but I strive to be the complete opposite of the coaches that have all let me down. My business Tipsy Topics & Textures became a 6 figure business in just 7 short months. I brought a unique sip & paint experience to the US that was like none other. I was the first to introduce Erotic Painting; an experience where guest indulge in naughty conversations, sexy games and enjoy the chance to paint their most intimate positions. 

My guest, of course, have raved about my classes through all social media platforms and just a few short months later, we’ve gained partnerships with Bedroom Kandi, Black Ink, and other various celebrities. Tammy Rivera’s paint party went viral and was such an amazing success. Our collaboration with bedroom Kandi was so colossal, that it inspired me to create my own line of luxury, intimate home and body products to include at my erotic events. Faire L’amour Co. was born. 

Faire L’amour Co. broke records within 3 weeks of going live. We’ve partnered with celebrities and have created an army of loyal customers and influencers. It is now my honor to show you how. 

I made this course to help other business owners that may feel completely stuck on where to start, when to continue or simply how to scale their brand. Follow my step by step blueprint and grow your business by 6-figures today!